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A key resource for the many business situations you may face

Alexis, Encomium Publications' TOEIC® Test Preparation System, is an all-new Web-based application to help you improve the English communication skills you need to optimize your TOEIC scores and succeed in business. This user-friendly tool offers practical help for those desiring focused, interactive help in understanding and being understood when using English, the international language of business.
Specifically, Alexis can help you:
  1. Prepare for the TOEIC test, because it:

  2. is ideal for a test preparation course or for self study at the intermediate to advanced levels of proficiency -TOEIC scores of 450-850

  3. gives you 600 exercises that help you master test-taking skills for both the Listening Comprehension and Reading sections

  4. provides immediate, detailed feedback for both correct and incorrect responses.

  5. improves your time management skills with timed questions for each section of the TOEIC test
  1. Gain competency and confidence in understanding/using English in the workplace and other environments because it helps you:

  2. interact comfortably with co-workers, clients and others in a variety of contexts/situations

  3. understand/use English in business overall, as well as in specific areas such as human resources, sales/marketing and purchasing

  4. present yourself well in meetings-as a manager, employee and/or team member

  5. improve your telephone and written communications skills
  1. Become comfortable in dealing with formal and informal social situations that are often key to your business success

  2. and much more...

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